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Embracing circular motion

This has not been my most productive week. I put that down to the time spent trying to spin a spy story out of thin air. This is what happens when you create intrigue, people like it and they want you to do more. Just a couple of encouraging comments about Back in Service transformed me into a giddy teenager, excited to be liked, while moving well outside of my comfort zone. Before I knew it, I was into some serious research and truly hooked. All other life concerns have been boxed around the need to finish this story, needless to say it’s taking longer than I thought, because creativity demands space. Admittedly, I have enjoyed having dedicated creative focus again. I’ve been doing other things, but as necessary I have stopped to scribble when an idea or task presented itself. Despite the perceived dip in productivity, this focus has made me feel more like a proper writer than usual, which I consider to be a win.

On a completely unrelated note. It has been brought to my attention, that I have a linear approach to life which does not serve the freelance life I want to lead. My reasons for parking or ignoring life’s fundamentals like earning, spirituality, fostering better personal connections and tweeting, range from; not ready, fear, apathy, not funny, to my personal favourite, “I just need to [insert appropriate excuse here] then I’ll have more time.” But more time is promised to no-one, confirmed by the recent news, of a passing acquaintance’s death.

Looking back, I can see an obvious linear path that led to this point in my life and it’s natural to cling to a methodology that has worked. However, I made numerous twists and turns that look much straighter now than they did then. Somewhere I have read that the hero’s journey is linear, whilst the heroine’s journey is circular. If I truly believe this, now, would be the time for me to fully embrace everything my femininity has to offer. Yikes!









  1. There’s a proverb in there somewhere. Linear, huh? But indeed life is linear since we return to dust…

    1. This is true if you support the belief system that says we came from dust in the beginning. Personally, I think this motion is the journey of the soul, which is probably a whole other debate.

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