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Waggy Walkers

You never know where this writing malarkey is going to take you, one of the reasons I like it.

Recently I went on a lovely walk around Rushden Rugby Club with two lovely dogs Kaiser – a German short-haired pointer, Darcy a red setter cross Rogue de Bordeaux, plus their doting owners Emily and Phil. Kaiser and Darcy were raised from puppies and are a firm part of this family.

Emily and Phil started Waggy Walkers less than a year ago in Rushden and the surrounding Northamptonshire area. Their fledging business is already flourishing and it’s not difficult to see why.

Quite simply Emily & Phil love animals and it was a pleasure for me to be around them. Secretly, I’m hoping they’ll adopt me next. They both have an easy relaxed manner with their pets who respond readily, without harsh commands or raised voices and of course with the occasional tasty treat.

Waggy Walkers are responsible pet owners, mindful of other dog walkers and other users in the space.

I imagine the only issue you will have with your pets if you leave them in the capable hands of Waggy Walkers will be getting them back.

If your schedule suddenly changes and you need short term doggie or pet care, look no further than Waggy Walkers online or on Facebook.


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